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For Volunteers : Personal Tutor Report

Quarterly Student Achievement Reports

Tutors must complete Quarterly Student Achievement Reports at the end of each quarter.

Quarter Report Due
January 1-March 31 March 31
April 1-June 30 June 30
July-September 31 September 29
October 1-December 31 December 14

Literacy Network reports to funders on a quarterly basis. We ask tutors to complete the Quarterly Student Achievement Report to make sure our free ESL Personal Tutoring program can continue. The notes you include can also be great information to look back on to keep you and your learner inspired by your progress.

Click here to fill out your report online.

Please don't hesitate to contact Caitlin Mackesey, our Enrollment and ESL Program Manager, if you need any guidance. She can be reached via or (608) 244-3911 ext. 30.